A Class on Budgeting

Is there one area in your budget you just can’t seem to get under control?
Have you ever wanted to hear more about my financial story?
Who is dying to see what I look like over a webcam? :)

Basic (non scary) Budgeting

Now’s your chance, my friends! A week from today, February 20th at 9pm EST, I will be teaching an online class with the Influence Network on Basic (non scary) Budgeting. What what!

Some topics include:

  • How I got to be crazy about my budget
  • How to create a budget that actually works
  • Tips for saving money in non-conventional ways
  • The really awesome ways a budget can change your life (no really, it can)

Bonus: For anyone who registered and is interested, I will be offering the chance to help mentor and guide you as you create your budget and make a financial plan via email after the class.

This class has limited seating, so please register soon! 

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  • I just registered! And I definitely might take you up on the bonus help! I’m looking forward to it!

  • I think a class on budgeting is terrific. It’s insurance for learning what is necessary for personal finance and could lead you to getting closer to your financial goals.