Happy Valentine’s Day!

Can I tell you a secret?

I don’t really like Valentine’s Day.

I know, not the most popular thing to say today, but you see, it wasn’t that long ago that this is what my Valentine’s Day looked like:

With Valentine’s Day just a week away, you’re probably thinking about securing a dinner reservation, putting a call into your florist, and yes, finding a gift for that special someone that somehow perfectly sums up how much you care about them. Easier said than done. It’s just hard for me to get on board with a holiday that is slightly exclusive to couples only. People argue that it isn’t, but if you’ve ever been a single girl on Valentine’s Day, you know the truth: St. Valentine favors the couples.

So for all you single peeps out there, I know. It can feel lonely. And maybe I don’t hold a lot of credibility because I am happily married, how could I possibly understand? but I do. I really do.  But if you do have a couple, Valentine’s Day is one of the trickiest holidays because it isn’t easy to whip up a thoughtful gift at the last minute. Still, whether your significant other spends the majority of their time in the office or taking care of the kids, he or she deserves to be recognized for everything they do for you and your family! You probably have a few sentimental gift ideas in mind, but nothing says ‘I Love You’ like taking the time to pick out a gift to complement his or her wardrobe,  check these Matching Underwear For Couples – His and Hers Mr and Mrs Undies Sets and get something from their online catalogue.

That being said, I do love a good excuse to eat chocolate and decorate my home with hearts in a way that would make Pinterest proud. Tonight we plan to celebrate with a low-key evening of take-out and TV. :)

What about you: Do you love or hate this holiday? How are you celebrating today?

PS – Just for kicks I looked at the last couple of year’s Valentine’s Day posts, and it looks like it’s not such a secret that I don’t care for this holiday! Valentine’s Day 2012, 2011, 2010

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  • I`m not the biggest fan of the holiday, because as you say, it really is all about the couples. but I guess my main reason for not liking it is the whole spending-money aspect to it. I think it´s sad that something that´s supposed to celebrate love has become a day where the shops earns millions, because people believe they have to spend money to get love. and that`s where this whole thing fails.

  • I don’t love or hate it, but I totally identify with what you are saying. It’s not been long since Christmas when a lot of people feel very lonely too, with the huge commercialisation that stretches far back from the autumn. And people have barely recovered, then it’s another over-marketed holiday.
    I guess I try to look at it as a good reminder to me, to treasure my loved ones. Too many chocolates are bad for me anyway, and flowers..uh.. wilt and die :P