Stripes, Mint and Tortoise

You guys asked for more fashion posts, so here you go my friends.


The first time I did a fashion post, I swore it would be my last. I asked J to take my photos, and it was such an awkward interaction. I love him to death, but I don’t think he understands what fashion blogging is. (Of course, in his defense, why should he?) He’s all like, Smile! and I’m like, No, it’s okay if I don’t look at the camera. And he’s like, Wait, what? and I’m like It’s suppose to be artsy. Oh just keep taking pictures! And then I feel like an idiot looking at my shoes and to the sides, and we end up with three photos and 40 outtakes.

But this time, my talented sister Lucy took the pictures, so it was much easier. She was like, look that way. Now that way. Good, these look great. Oh, that’s a good one. You look so cute! 

For the record, I think it should be illegal to live in a different town as your sisters.

Anyhoo. A little word on the watch I’m wearing. It’s from Wristology, a company that gives 5% of every dollar to a charity, and you get to choose where it goes: hungry children, abused women, or saving an animal’s life. Want one of your own? Use the code PENNIES20 when you checkout and receive 20% off. Also, all standard shipping is FREE! (I know shipping isn’t that much, but free shipping just seems like the nice thing to offer, you know?)

top: Old Navy (old)
jeans: Loft
watch: c/o Wristology
shoes: Target, old

PS – If you live in the Greensboro area, check out Lucy Clement Photography. She’ll make you feel pretty too! :)

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  • You DO look so pretty :) I’m pretty sure my hubbs would also be a bit confused on the concept of fashion blogging. thank the good Lord for that, right??

  • all that sunshine is making me long for spring. I see piles of ugly, grey/dirty snow everywhere around me and think “how can spring be on its way?” Ha! I love your navy & white stripe sweater too. Your sister did a great job with the photos!

  • Rozzie needs a shoutout!! Also, agree. We need to live in the same city. But I’m ok with the same state for now. :)

  • Actually, Rozzie’s fence needs a shoutout. But let’s overlook the dead kudzu in the back. You do look beautiful!

  • You look gorgeous! Loving the striped top and the ethos behind Wristology is very interesting. I will have to check out their website. Lovely photos too!