Smitten Kitchen Cookbook Signing

I found out last minute (thanks to my sister Carrie!) that Deb Perelman, the writer behind the Smitten Kitchen blog, was in Raleigh for a book signing last Friday. I was feeling particularly tired that day, so I had to ask myself: Should I stay inside on this wet, cold Friday night and relax after a long week? Or should I brave the gross weather and see one of my all-time favorite bloggers? 

Thankfully, I chose the latter.

The Husband of the Year came with me, and we were lucky to get a good seat near the back. The Triangle loves Deb! The Quail Ridge Books & Music was packed.

It fascinates me how the blogging world has changed publishing. It was obvious that many of the people in the room (myself included) were long-time fans. The weekly, daily connections she makes with her readers (combined with her fool-proof recipes and winning photography), is what brings people back to her site each week and will make people go out on a gross, rainy night to hear to meet her.

Deb talked for maybe 15 minutes about her book, and then spent the next 30 minutes answering questions from the audience. She was just as witty in person as she is online. She spent the better part of 4 years declining a cookbook until she finally gave in with ridiculous requests, such as lay-flat binding, photos on every page, and a long description for each recipe. She admitted she doesn’t really like cookbooks (I love them!) and shared stories of how she tests her food, who does the cleaning in her house, and her obsession with Ina Garten.



J and I were lucky to be one of the first few in the line to get my book signed. She was so down to earth and really easy to talk to. I told her I’ve been reading her blog for a while and love her cookbook, but that the only complaint I had was that I wanted more photos of her son in the book. She laughed and said that reviewers on Amazon complained that there were too many photos.



Look, she spelled and pronounced my name correctly! #gushing

smitten kitchen


Have you ever been to a book signing before? This was my first, and most definitely not my last. I look forward to see which of my next favorite bloggers will publish a book and visit to Raleigh-Durham for a tour… :)

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