High Five for Friday

SNL High Five Gif

It’s Friday! Woot! I don’t share five things every week, but moving forward I decided to throw in a high-five gif, at least until I run out of them. :) (Shout out to Kim at Olivia Jane Accessories for more Friday gifs. It’s such a happy day of the week!)

High Five for Friday:

1. I think J gave me magic flowers for Valentine’s Day. Some of them died, but these beauties are still as vibrant as the first day. Anyone know what kind of flower they are? Mom, if you’re reading this, you probably know. :)


2. Who’s excited for daylight savings on Sunday?! Sure we lose an hour, but the light we gain in the evenings is so worth it!

3. Last weekend I painted a few canvases for a home project I’m working on (more on that next week), and it was SO.MUCH.FUN. I’m not at all good, but maybe with a little practice? I loved it.

photo-34. After today I am not going to wear blacks, grays or browns anymore… at least not without a pop of color. I’m ready for bright! vibrant! spring! colors back in my life. Anyone else?

5. After our hike on Sunday, Leia was exhausted. I hadn’t seen her that tired since Charleston and she was reunited with her boyfriends. As soon as we got back she fell asleep on the couch and looked so darn comfortable neither J nor I had the heart to move her. We ended up watching TV in our green chairs and swiveling the TV around. How did she get to be the master in this place? Oh, who am I kidding. She’s ruled this place since she jumped on our white bedspread the minute we brought her home.


Have a wonderful weekend!

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  • I love your flowers! My husband got some of the same kind for me for Valentine’s Day- though I have no idea what kind they are. And mine didn’t last nearly as long! They must be magical indeed. :) And I had totally forgotten about Daylight Savings Time- haha good thing I read this!

  • I am also trying to integrate more color for spring and summer, so far going slow with accessories, scarves, etc! Stopped over from H54F- Happy Friday!


  • Number 3 sounds like so much fun. I haven’t painted on a canvass since high school, but it was a lot of fun. I’d love to see how everything turns out and maybe, just maybe, I’ll move my lazy butt and actually try it too~^^

  • I’m so with you on most of these. I’ve gotten “magic flowers” before too that lasted for weeks– it was such a nice surprise! And I’m definitely excited for bright colors and spring to come along. Aaaaand I love painting on canvas. I’d say it’s my favorite material to use! Hope you have an awesome weekend! That gif perfectly describes how I feel every single Friday :)

  • Cutest doggy picture ever! I love it when they get too exhausted to keep their eyes open. :)