Home Improvement: Two Simple & Cheap Projects at Home

Right now we don’t need anything for our home. It may not be a dream place, but I’ve come to terms that I like my decorating details and the place fits us just fine. I tend to spend money on decorating, just because I’m bored or want something new. But really, I don’t need anything, so I’m trying not to spend any money on decorating and be content with what I have.

But, (there’s always a but!), that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things I want to do to enhance our space. Two things specifically: add curtains to the living room and find a place to hang my purse. We also wanted to Get More Info about the tweaks that we could make to our roof and other spaces of our house. The challenge has been to make these improvements without spending any (or much) money.

Project #1: Add curtains to the living room / Spent $0
One of my least favorite parts of our apartment are the vertical vinyl blinds in the living room. Blarg. They’re so… apartment-looking. I hate having them closed because it look so dark and makes our place look tiny, but since we’re on the first floor, having them open means everyone can peer into our haven and watch us cook dinner, lounge in our sweats, and dance in the kitchen. (Just kidding about the last part. Only I dance in the kitchen.)

To solve this problem, I decided sheer curtains would be the best option to keep things light and airy, but also add a sense of privacy to our abode. We had an extra curtain rod laying around (props to my past self for not tossing it out!). Our master bedroom has two curtains, sheer panels underneath light blue. I decided to take those and add it to the living room, since we don’t really need them in our room and it can save money buying new ones. I’m thinking about buying electric blinds that can be controlled via smartphone that I saw at https://newblinds.co.uk/blinds-controlled-by-smartphone.

Besides the curtains, we also wanted to get a vinyl membrane for the flooring in the living room. Vinyl membranes, and you can Continue Reading over here, protect floors and walls from water damages. Curtains are not going to suffice if the floors and walls are damaged. That is why, we got vinyl flooring done by professionals too.

Here’s what it looks like during the day (sorry the pictures are so dark!)

Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains

And at night:

Sheer Curtains

It’s not perfect, but certainly better and makes the room look softer and (don’t tell J I used this adjective) more feminine. Also, I went to see what it looked like from outside, and you can only see outlines and silhouettes. Score.

Project #2: Find a spot for my purse to hang / Spent $7
The key to having a clean and organized house is having a spot for everything. Cleaning doesn’t take that long for me because a) we only have 1,000 square feet to clean, and b) there’s practically a place for everything… except, I’ve realized, my purse. On any given day you would find my bag flung on the dining room table, on the end of a chair, or laying on the ground, a terrain Leia has claimed free reign for her to investigate to her curious heart’s content.

To solve this problem, I decided to get more information about Roofing Marketing Pros here and with their help I added some hooks to our wall behind the front door for my purse and a jacket. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this six months ago. Brilliant! Because hooks are kind of boring on their own, I decided to spruce them up with a little art. I spent $4 on the hooks and a whopping $3 on some 6×6 canvases at Walmart. I had the paint at home and spent a total of 20 minutes making some abstract art for the wall. It was so much fun, I’m looking for more places to add homemade art.




(Oh and please ignore the scratched up door… that was from the first week and Leia was going through a little separation anxiety when we would leave. We decided to wait until we move to fix it in case it ever happens again.)

There you go — two really easy ways to enhance our home. :) Linking with Emily A. Clark.
Have you done any quick and cheap home improvement projects lately? 

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  • Cute! I love the idea of a place to hang my purse, it’s always playing musical chairs or on the floor. And I love the wall art, Ginna!

  • We have a galley-style kitchen and in order to maximize the space, my husband installed hanging wine glass racks. They weren’t very expensive, they free up a lot of cupboard space, and they look nice. It was a small change that made a big difference in that room.

  • I just added hooks to my front door recently as well. My closet is close to the kitchen, which is beside the garage entrance door so I needed something near the front door for guest. It’s the best thing!

  • I like the curtains, light and airy! And that hook for your purse, brilliant! I seriously need to find a place for something like that myself. my purses are constantly lying on the floor! I had this giftcard I got for christmas at a inexpensive interior decor boutique, so I used it for two new pillow covers and tea candle holders, with light mint green-blueish colours. Love how it made the sofa section looks more spring-ready!

  • The hooks look great and I love the idea of the two little prints over each one. One of the things we need to do here in our new house is to figure out where to put up coat hooks. They are all in a pile on a chest of drawers at the mo :-/ !

  • Sometimes, it’s the little things–right? I loved your whole first paragraph and completely agree. Thanks for linking up :)