Growing the Good: Would you like to partner with me?

After a lot of thought, I have decided to add sponsorships to My Pretty Pennies. If every unit is purchased each month, the income generated will total $210 a month.

Y’all. I’d love to have $210 more a month. I could put that towards our savings! I could buy more clothes! We could eat out more! We could move into a house sooner!

But a strange thing has happened: every time I start to write a post announcing my sponsorships, something in me hesitates. A little voice inside me says, Wait. Not just yet. The more I hesitated, the more I realized I don’t want just anyone to sponsor this blog. I want friends, partners to be on the sidebar over there. I want shops and sites that I love and support to be showcased to my readers.

And when I think about it, I am making $200 more a month than I did last year. More than $200, in fact, with my job change. But I’ve forgotten the joy of getting that extra amount in my paycheck. Can I not be content with the money we have now, without wanting more? Am I too consumed with the treasures on this earth, than to be content with what I have?

Yet, I’m still going to offer sponsorships.

But instead of pocketing that cash, it will be given away. Anyone who wants to sponsor here will essentially be donating their money to charity (without the benefits of a tax break, of course).

As for where this will be given away, that will vary by month based on the needs. Some months it may help formal non-profit organizations, others may go towards local efforts, and some may just help bloggers (I trust) who are adopting and need help bringing their baby home.

Would you like to partner with me?

There are three different units priced at $30, $20 or $10 a month. You will be donating to a good cause, plus gaining exposure to a large audience of devoted readers. Visit this sponsorships page to learn more about the units available and the readers behind this blog.

I am so, so excited about this opportunity and look forward to see what good comes out of this partnership!

Proverbs 3-27

PS – Please note, I have NO problem with bloggers who offer sponsorships on their site and make money on it! I understand everyone is different and don’t want this to come across as judging those who do offer sponsorships. :)

PPS – In case you are wondering, I will continue to have digital banner ads on the sidebar running and will occasionally accept affiliate or sponsored posts. The proceeds from this will go into growing the blog.

PPPS – Also, if you don’t have a blog, shop or site, but want to donate, contact me for more info. :)

PPPPS – I am using the phrase “Growing the Good” from Melissa at Dear Baby, since it best represents my purpose.

PPPPPS – How many post scripts can you have at once? I think I’ve broken that grammar rule… tehe.

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