My Spring Bucket List

Yesterday was the first day of spring. Huzzah! Of course you wouldn’t know it as the high is 43-degrees today, but the trees and flowers have started to bloom and I know soon the temperature will catch up soon enough. I love putting together intentions and goals for each season, and decided to create a spring bucket list:

Spring Bucket List

What is on your bucket list this spring? 

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  • this bucket list sounds awesome! I haven`t figured out exactly what`s on mine, but wearing white converse sneakers, eating italian ice cream at the marina, having a picnic in the park, go for a run outside, and plant some flowers outside our apartment! :-)

  • What a great bucket list for a new season! We are planning a weekend getaway in May for our 3rd anniversary :)

  • Thanks for your comment this morning! I had to come and read your list! :) Love your spring goals, and I’m excited to see Him bring fruit from them in your life this spring! :)

  • So fun! Do you mean water skiing or snow skiing? I’m not sure where you can do both rafting and snow skiing in the spring, but I’d love to know! :)

  • Those sound like awesome goals, especially the picnic! Maybe you can share sometime about your inside flowers? I haven’t had much luck keeping flowered plants alive, but that’s probably my ignorance about what kind to grow!

  • Downhill! This is why Oregon is the place for me :) skiing will be super warm, and rafting will be too cold to jump in! I always ski until closing day and am normally the first person on the river :)