April 9th

April 9th is my favorite day of the year.

Two years ago it trumped any other birthday or holiday. I remember all of the details. Things you normally forget hours afterwards, I remember years later.

Sneaking out of bed and joining my mom for coffee in the sunroom before the sun, or my bridesmaids, woke up.
Mumford and Sons playing in the car on my way to the ceremony with my older sister.
My uncle declaring it was an “Irish weather” day.
Waiting in the powder room with my dad, waiting to be told when to come.
Hearing birds chip as J placed the ring on my finger.
The first bite of that glorious, heavenly cake (which taste hasn’t been matched since).
Hugging my sisters before entering the get-away car.
Admiring my wedding ring against my dress as we drove in the rain.

It wasn’t the perfect day, (how can it be when you’re responsible for feeding 120 people?), but it will remain the most meaningful, cherished day for the rest of my life.┬áBefore J and I got married, we decided no matter when our anniversary fell, we would take the day off and celebrate. So, today we celebrate!

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I love April 9th.

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