Second Anniversary

One of the reasons I like blogging is because it serves as a journal to document my days. Right now I can remember what we did for our second anniversary, but I guarantee you in a year I will probably have forgotten most of the day’s details. So, this is one of those what-I-did posts; thanks for indulging me. Also, I promise next week I won’t talk about love and marriage one single bit. :)

We started the morning off by sleeping in (well, we consider 7:30 sleeping in) and I took Leia for a walk while J picked up breakfast for us (judge if you want, but we love Chickfila breakfast. Fun fact: we ate that the morning we got engaged). We ate our breakfast in bed and watched the last few Happy Ending and Mad Men episodes we saved from the past week. It was nice to just relax and lounge around the house in the morning.

photo 2

Y’all, the day was BEAUTIFUL. Sunny, cloudless and highs in the 80s. A perfect day to take off and enjoy! Last year on our first anniversary we got a photostrip picture taken at the mall, so we decided to go back and get another to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. Turns out they don’t do the old fashioned vertical four-panel strips anymore, so we may not hold tightly to this tradition next year.

photo 1

Then we headed to North Hills, where we had stayed on our wedding night (at the Renaissance Hotel). We were originally going to go eat at Q-Shack for lunch (where we actually had dinner the night we got married… yeah, of all the nice places we chose barbecue), but we walked by Coquette and its open doors lined with window boxes and Parisian music called out to us me. It was so much more romantic than finger-licking barbecue. And fancy restaurants are so much cheaper at lunch time! We should have date lunches more often.

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After lunch we headed back home, changed into comfortable clothes, picked up our girl and went to the Umstead Park. We brought chairs, a blanket, snacks, our books and spent almost four hours getting lost in the woods and reading by the lake. It was perfect!

photo 5

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That evening I planned on making shrimp and grits, but it seemed too heavy after a late lunch and snacking at the park, so instead we made a pizza and watched the Life of Pi and walked to get ice cream near our apartment. It was such a low-key day, but it was refreshingly awesome to just do whatever we wanted and celebrate being together.

Have a great Friday! Hope your weekend is happy. :)

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