tree-lined street

Watching… birds on my patio. So far the squirrels haven’t discovered my bird seed, and I’m hoping it stays that way. 

Enjoying… work. I know, an unusual thing to enjoy, but I am. This time last year I was drowning in my old job. While I loved my company and coworkers, the work I was doing required long, meeting-filled days and left me working late almost every night just to catch up. I was constantly anxious and didn’t slept well. Those experiences were hard, but has made me so thankful for the job I have now and the peace I feel coming to work every day.

Planning… blog posts on here. Like I mentioned last Friday, I am having a little blog identity crisis and want to sit down and do some actual planning and goal-setting for this little corner of the Internet.

Excited for… Asheville! Greensboro! St. Augustine! Boone! – all trips coming up in the next two months.

Reading… (or rather just read) Bread and Wine. I finished it in two days, and now I’m sad it’s over.

Cooking… turkey burgers tonight. Who wants to come over for dinner?

Pinning… rooms full of light, recipes and places I want to travel based on books

Remembering… to send texts and messages to my friends when I think of them. Because why not? Everyone loves a good emoticon in the middle of the workday. :)

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  • My sister calls this kind of cleaning spraying. Like a male cat marks its territory. Soon the whole house is in shambles and I wanted to clean one room. At Christmas one of my daughters came home and I was trying to clean and decorate the entire house at once and she went from room to room asking me which one of my personalities made this mess. But eventually it all gets done. Right?