May Goals


Happy May everyone! Perhaps it’s years of school schedules in me, but this month has always felt very similar to December. Semesters end, activities come to a close, and life seems to be extra busy to prepare for a slower pace in the summer. We’ve had a quiet few months, so I welcome a busier change of pace, especially since they include fun plans three out of the four weekends this month. :)

Goals for this month:

— Start the P90x program (has anyone finished this workout program? Would love some feedback!)
— Go strawberry picking
— Stay within budget, for trips and regular budget
— Move my old job investment accounts to new ones
— Sell stuff on Craigslist or Ebay
— Don’t spend any money on home decor or DIY projects
— Don’t buy any clothes (except for a dress for the Memorial Day wedding)
— Take more pictures using my DSLR camera
— Cook something new and unique

What are your goals this month? Feel free to link up, if you’d like:

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  • my May goals are finishing up my BA in English lit, celebrating 17th of May (the Norwegian Constitution Day) where we all dress up in traditional dresses called Bunads and watch children`s parades in the streets, and save up more money for my summer vacation:-)

  • I did P90X for a little while this past summer. If you haven’t been heavily working out, you may be very sore for the first week, so be prepared to hurt in the morning. And if you can’t do all of the exercises (push-ups aren’t my strong suit), you can still get a good workout by doing what you can. After you get used to it, it isn’t bad, and you start to feel pretty proud of yourself!

    Strawberry picking sounds like so much fun!