April Highlights


Highlights from April:

+ Pear blossom trees lining my neighborhood
+ Snuggles with Leia
+ Second wedding anniversary
+ Bold hair cut
+ Cotton blossoms from my parents
+ Wine Festival on a beautiful spring Saturday
+ Azaleas in full bloom
+ New cute welcome mat
+ Lime green trees

April was a great month. I only had one major goal, and I’m sorry to admit that was a big fat fail. The first week was good, and I was still more conscious of my eating, but I definitely didn’t follow it as strict as I wanted.

As for my yearly goals: I went to Coquette for my new restaurant of the month, went to the Wine Festival for my local activity of the month, I made shrimp and grits as a new recipe, and read MWF Seeking BFF (review on Monday!), Bread and Wine, and Every Good Endeavor.

How was your April? :)

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