Strawberry Picking

strawberry pickingOne of my all-time favorite things about living in central North Carolina is the abundance of strawberry farms. There are so many! In fact, I realized the other day there was one just two miles from our home. So Saturday morning, J and I decided to pick some strawberries before we headed to Greensboro to celebrate Mother’s Day with my family.

Strawberry Picking Strawberry PickingStrawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking Strawberry Picking

This is easily becoming my favorite spring tradition. We bought six pounds of strawberries for just $10, and have already used them for my mom’s Mother’s Day brunch, on a cake I made for my in-laws Mother’s Day celebration, and in my morning smoothies. Also I plan on making strawberry pie and some freezer jam later this week. (Have you ever heard of freezer jam? I hadn’t until J mentioned his friends’ mom used to make it, so I will let you know how it goes.:)

What other strawberry recipes do you love?
Do you have any fresh picking produce in your area? 

PS РMy first strawberry picking experience last year.
PPS РThis (outdated-looking) site is helpful for finding out what you can pick in your area. 

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  • This looks like a really fun thing to do as a family! We just don’t have anything like that where I live…but I do love strawberry rhubarb pie!

  • I have the best memories of picking strawberries when I was in high school with my mom :) I hope to make it to the strawberry patch here (our season is in June)!

  • aw, how lovely! Strawberry picking is so much fun! every summer I buy loads of strawberries and make a simple jam, just by cutting up the jams in thin slices and mixing it together with sugar and some kind of freezer-powder. No cooking necessary. super easy and so yummy and fresh-tasting!

  • Here in New England we are still about 3 weeks out from the start of strawberry picking season. Hopefully some nice weather next week will move things along!