Q&A with Radiant Cosmetics

There are a lot of negative things I can say about our generation, but one thing I am proud of is the growing number of organizations and businesses that help fight social injustice. One of my favorites is Radiant Cosmetics, who helps fight human trafficking, one lipstick at a time. Today I have a special treat of sharing a Q&A with Radiant’s founder Nicole Marrett. Enjoy!

 Q&A with Radiant Cosmetics

How did you first learn about human trafficking?nicole-4042_medium
I first learned about human trafficking while I was overseas. I participated in a year long missions trip called The World Race, and was introduced to trafficking from reading the blogs of those who had gone on The World Race prior to me. Then while overseas I began hearing stories of those who had suffered from being trafficked. I spent a month working in the Red Light District in southern Thailand with trafficked and prostituted women and came face to face with trafficking.

How does Radiant Cosmetics help fight against human trafficking?
First, we donate 20% of profits directly to our partner organization, Redeemed. They’re a local anti-trafficking organization doing incredible work to help trafficked women. Second, we donate our time, I also work closely with Redeemed and believe in investing my time. Money we donate helps fund their outreach, aftercare and advocacy efforts. Additionally, we’re passionate about educating others and raising awareness about trafficking, so every event we do we are always telling people about how they can get involved and become educated on the issue. Last but not least, our products are made in the USA with fair labor to not support any labor traffic.

What is a way ordinary people (like you and me) can do to help fight human trafficking?
Take a step! First, educate yourself, if you have no idea what human trafficking is I encourage you to start here. Second, find an organization you can get behind, you can volunteer with or donate to. Last, look at how you shop. There are so many social businesses out there that are doing amazing things to help change the world. By replacing some items you normally by with items from a social business you can help make a difference.

What is your favorite lipstick shade?
So tough! I think Peony is my favorite, it’s the perfect shade of soft pink that can take me from day to night without being too bold.

Thanks so much to Nicole for sharing a little bit about how she is helping fight human trafficking! I love her challenge to shop and buy from companies that have a social mission behind them–there are so many out there! I’m still searching for the perfect shade of lipstick (on my 30 before 30 list), so I’ll have to check out a few of these colors. :)

PS – Fun fact, I’ve had a few friends go on the World Race, one that Nicole knows. :) If you’re interested in traveling and making a difference in the world, check out their mission and vision. It’s a great organization.

PPS – I can’t blog without saying something about the devastation in Oklahoma… my thoughts and prayers go out to all who have been affected.

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