Summer Bucket List

I love summer. The beginning of it, especially. It’s sunny, delightfully warm, and all you want to do is spend every waking moment outside. I was in Florida this weekend for a wedding, and it was the perfect scene to inaugurate this happy season.

This is my fifth summer working in the big-girl world, and I always get a little jealous when my teacher or student friends get a three-month hiatus from work. So I like to put together summer bucket lists to give me little summer joys to experience and look forward to do on the evenings and weekends.

When I think about this summer, it’s hard not to compare it with last year. Last year we had one of J’s friends living with us for three months (more on that here and here and here), and this summer it will just be J and me, in a different apartment and with a little addition to our family. We don’t have any major trips planned, except for a week-long trip in September, but have lots of little weekend getaways and in-town events we want to attend.


What are the things on your summer bucket list?

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  • Love your bucket list! And I know what you mean. I have worked full-time since I was 16 so I have never had a summer off. BOOO!

  • I love making a summer to do list. This year, ours will look a bit different with the baby coming in July. But I’m excited for spending more time than usual outside (since I won’t be working) and doing so many new things.

    I’m dying to know what watermelon cookies are!

  • This is a great idea to make a summer bucket list. It’ll help me do things outside than just stay indoor with air condition.