Friday Thoughts

palm tree

Hello there strangers! I had a lot of things to share with you this week, but those unfinished posts are all sitting in my drafts folder. Maybe I’ll publish all 15 of them next week? Although experience tells me I need to space those out for when I have similar busy weeks in the future.

This is the first weekend of the summer, in my opinion, and I am thrilled to be in town. I was gone every single weekend in May, and it’s going to feel like a different kind of vacation being home. We have dinner plans with friends tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday (yay!) and I can’t wait to go to my church after being a way for a whole month.

I vacuumed my fridge this week (thanks to the idea from my sister Carrie). J was out for the evening so I blasted the Les Miserables soundtrack and cleaned the entire kitchen, top to bottom. Who cares if there’s a pile of laundry waiting for me in my closet when the silverware drawer is clean?

I have been watching a lot of Arrested Development this week. We have about two or three left to watch, and now I’m regretting the marathon we had Monday after being in the car for eight hours. I thought the first few were a little off, but I think that was partly my high expectations and partly forgetting the brilliance of piecing multiple stories across multiple episodes. I laugh out loud more than usual (usually, meaning very rarely), so I recommend it if you’re an AD fan. (If you’ve never watched the show before, I’d start with Season 1.)

There is fruit growing on my baby tomato plant!!! This should have been my first piece of news. I have been carefully obsessively monitoring the plant since I got it, and the neighbors probably heard a squeal of excitement when I discovered small, round green tomatoes on the vine. Gardening is fun.

Speaking of fruit, wouldn’t you believe it but our six pounds of strawberries are already gone. They have been happily placed in pies, strawberry jam, smoothies, dipped in chocolate, and devoured by the handful. I may have to head back to the farm this weekend to see if there are any more ripe ones for the picking.

Have a wonderful weekend! I promise to have more to say next week. :)

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