What to Bring New Parents who Just Had a Baby + A GIVEAWAY!

Is it me or is every single person in the world pregnant? (Well, except me, a few of my friends and the entire male population.) But seriously, this is the season for babies! A few friends of mine had babies in the last month,and there are a few more with approaching due dates, so I thought I would share a few tips on what I like to bring new parents. FYI: there is a giveaway for macarons at the bottom of the post — skip down to the very end to enter! :)

What to bring new parents who just had a baby

1. Hot, ready-to-eat food.
The most popular meal to bring new parents is a casserole or a pot of soup. And there’s a reason — it’s easy to transport, easy to heat up, and can usually last a few days without going bad. But since most new parents are bombarded with casseroles, I like to bring meals that are a little different and aren’t a one-pot dish.

My favorites are:

  • – Chicken salad with pitas, fruit salad, and baked chips
  • – Asian lettuce wraps with a side of fried rice and cucumber salad
  • – Pesto turkey burgers (with sides of lettuce, tomato and sauteed onions), with sides of potato salad and a green salad
  • – Order them pizza and bring over a large green salad. (Sometimes you just get tired of home-cooked meals, you know?)

2. Containers that you don’t want back.
The last thing a new mom needs is to figure out which casserole dish goes to who. So bring new parents containers that you don’t want back. I have a stash of containers in my laundry room for this occasion: empty whipped cream containers, deli-meat containers, and an assortment of clean jars from spaghetti or salsa. Or you could use heavy paper plates or gallon-size freezer bags so clean up will be very easy.

3. Newborn diapers.
Unless the parents are going the cloth-diaper route, a pack of diapers is always appreciated, especially since newborns go through sometimes 5 or more diapers in a day.

4. A gift for the mom and/or the older sibling.
The newborn most likely doesn’t need any gifts. Or rather, the diapers are the gift for the baby. A small gift for the mom is nice, especially since she’s probably sleep-deprived and may not have showered for a few days. Some gifts include a candle, wine gift bags, a book, or a giftcard to get pampered like a massage or pedicure. Or you can gift her with service by washing her dishes, helping with a load of laundry, cleaning her house. If the new baby has an older sibling, consider bringing a little toy for them, as they may be feeling a little neglected or left out with all of the attention on their younger brother or sister.

5. A note that says:

  • – Congratulations!
  • – I don’t need the containers back, they are yours to keep or recycle.
  • – Please don’t send me a thank you note — I’d rather you spend that extra time with your baby!

6. A sweet treat for midnight feedings (or really any time).
Include a dessert or sweet treat that the new parents can munch on any time of the day. Something bite-size and easy to eat, like brownies, mini cupcakes, or macaroons. Which brings me to my giveaway… :)

Sucré New Orleans sent me a box of macaroons to try, and is giving away one reader a box. I think they would make a lovely gift for a friend who just had a baby. Or you could give it to a friend who is about to get married, just having a bad day, a belated Mother’s Day gift, or just keep them for yourself and enjoy. (My favorites were pistachio and strawberry.:)


One winner will receive an 8-piece Signature Macaron Collection from Sucré New Orleans. Enter below to win!

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Winner: Laci Wong! Thanks to everyone who participated.

New moms, pipe in! What was one thing you loved when you had a baby?

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  • This is perfect timing for me – so many people I know just had babies, including three on the same day (isn’t that wild?!). I have been at a loss for what to bring them so this helps a lot!

    My favorite sweet treat is chocolate chip cookies!

  • Great post, Ginna! And yes, it’s true; EVERYONE is pregnant. (At least in our little world!)

  • Yellow cake with chocolate frosting!! But I wouldn’t turn down chocolate sheet cake, either ;)

  • I know! It´s like everytime I check facebook, there´s a new pregnancy announcement! These were great ideas; my BF´s sister is expecting a baby in August, but they´re are also building a house, so they are going to have their hands full, to say the least. So I´ve been thinking of baking a lot of different kind of bread, so at least they don´t have to worry about that. I´m also thinking about sewing a cute baby dress!:-D

  • Ohhh, I would LOVE to try those since I have NEVER had a macaron! Hmmm… I’m not a mom, but I usually bring gift cards to easy-to-order-from restaurants to new moms. I think that’s what I would want, too! :)

  • Great ideas! A friend is having a baby in July, can’t wait to try some of these out!

  • My fave sweet treat is a strawberry cupcake with buttercream icing! Or peach cobbler & blue bell vanilla ice cream!

    Now, look what you’ve done… I’m a part of this baby boom (due in August!!) and now I want homemade peach cobbler. Shame on you :).

    Seriously, those macaroons look amazing! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • I’m 7 months pregnant and think any of these would be great ideas – especially the food!! My favorite sweet treat these days is anything peach or lemon!!