High Five for Friday

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 It’s Friday!



1. J and I went to the mountains last weekend to visit some friends that moved from Austin, TX. Look how cute those pups are!

2. Peonies at the farmer’s market — my favorite. They are all gone here in Raleigh, but I forgot that Boone is always a few weeks behind seasonally.

3. My fella turned 28 last Saturday, and this may be my new favorite picture of him.

4. I struggle with worry a lot, so this reminder in my Jesus Calling devotional was especially helpful this week.

5. A storm came through last night and left within a half hour. My dad is a layman meterologist and sent me a text that it was coming, but I didn’t believe him because it practically cloudless all day. Silly me, he’s (almost) always right when it comes to the weather.

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Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

PS – Linking up with Lauren today!

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