Summer Solstice


I get my energy from the sun.

J says I’m like superman, which I didn’t get at first… apparently he also gets energy from the sun?

In fact, in the last few years I’ve come to realize there is a whole world of superheroes I know very little about. This is a result of growing up with all girls and a dad who cares more about Leo Kottke than comics or movies. J has taken it upon himself to change this, and I am now acquainted with Clark Kent after seeing Man of Steel last weekend. My review? Meh. Iron Man was way more entertaining. Plus we saw it in the middle of a beautiful day, and to be inside a dark theater for three hours while the sun was out? I left feeling disoriented the rest of the day. (Like I said, I get energy from the sun.)

That’s why this is one of  my favorite days of the year. The longest, sunniest day. The first day of summer. (Nevermind that the days will start to get shorter [nooo!!] and bugs will grow bigger. Let’s not think about that right now.)

Fun fact: apparently this is the longest day of the year, but a week later (around June 27) has the latest sunset. So while the days are slowly getting shorter, it doesn’t affect the evenings until next week. (My father in-law told me this the other night. Check out this article for more science behind it.)

Because it’s summertime, I have cut back on my posts on here. My normal routine hasn’t changed (I’m still in town and working full time), but my blogging routine has been replaced with summer. I find myself choosing to spend that time sitting on the patio with friends or reading by the pool or taking extra long walks with Leia. And I like it that way. It’s nice to have a little break from my regular routine and create summer memories with the time I do have. So, you will see fewer posts a week on here for the next month or so. (No one reads blogs in the summer anyways, right?:)

I hope you have a great first summer weekend of the year!

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  • Sounds like J knows you very well and if you like the sun for energy I would have to agree that you and the Man of Steel have a lot in common. I haven’t seen the movie yet though. I tend to do a lot more reading during the summer and look forward to your 1 or 2 posts. My family and I are enjoying the summer time here in Florida hope you are enjoying your weekend as well.