Vote for Leia!

If you follow me on Instagram (or know me in real life), you’re probably aware that I’m a little obsessed with my dog.

J and I adopted her from the Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue, a great organization in the area that rescues goldens (sometimes I check out their available dogs — all so cute). A few months ago we heard they were having a 2014 calendar contest as a fundraiser. It was $5 to enter a photo, and the top 25 dogs chosen would be up for a vote to the top 12 spots. The dog most voted for goes on the cover.

We decided it was worth a shot, so we submitted this picture:


…and were so excited when they chose her as one of the top 25 (out of 133 entries)! So, I thought I’d post it on here and try to drum up some votes for her. :)

Vote for Leia! 

Here is a list of all the dogs in the contests (there are some really cute ones!). Each vote is a $1.00 donation to NRGRR, and you may vote as many times as you like. (For example, 10 votes equals a $10.00 donation to NRGRR.) All donations are via Paypal. The contest ends August 31st.

Thank you for any votes, we appreciate it!

PS – I kind of feel like one of those crazy parents… but I promise the entering-of-contests will end with our dog. I will not become one of those crazy Toddlers in Tiaras moms out there obsessed with winning. Promise.

toddlers in tiaras gif

PPS – More cute #leianeel pics.

  • So cute! I have a golden/lab mix and I’m also one of those crazy dog moms. My Kimbi is in about 100 pictures up on Facebook. Good luck!

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