Vintage Dresses + Shabby Apple Giveaway!

I am pretty nostalgic. I tend to like every other period of history but the one I’m living in. There’s just something about another era that is so Romantic: the clothes, the language, the (perceived) innocence, the feeling of better, simpler times. The 1990s seemed so lame at the time, but what I would give to go back and organize my Lisa Frank trapper keeper in my bunk bed with Hanson playing in the background. (Speaking of the 90s, did anyone else see the Jesse and the Rippers reunion on Jimmy Fallon? AMAZING.)

So when Shabby Apple, an online boutique that specializes in retro clothes, asked me to feature one of their vintage dresses, of course I was delighted! Vintage dresses are so beautiful and feminine and make you feel like you are transported to another time. I feel just like Betty Draper in this Tiffany-blue dress (sans the incessant smoking and affairs and platinum blonde hair.)

Vintage Dresses + Shabby Apple Giveaway

Leia loves it too. :)

Shabby Apple is giving one lucky My Pretty Pennies reader a $50 gift card. Enter here to win!

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UPDATE: Congratulations to Jennifer! Check your email. :)

Also, get 10% off the Fan Favorites section by using the coupon code fanfavorite10off. There are some gorgeous vintage dresses to choose from.

What is your favorite period of history? Do you tend to romanticize about the past? 

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