July Highlights

July Highlights

July Highlights:
+ Lucy came to visit for 4th of July and we made watermelon cookies.
+ We took Leia to the fireworks, and the poor girl was shaking the whole time she was so scared. Never again.
+ Lots of pool time on the weekend.
+ I finished a few of my book club books, so I started reading Harry Potter again.
+ J and I are not above dressing up for free food. (I do wish we had a kid or two so we didn’t look so lame.)
+ Durham Bulls game!
+ I drove to Greensboro and surprised my mom for her birthday; also her sunflower is insanely tall.
+ J brought home flowers one day from work. For no reason. :)
+ Little bit of sewing.

How I fared on my July goals…

– Try to save at least $200 on food // We saved $100. Better than $0!
– Don’t buy any clothes, accessories, or entertainment // Ok so I bought a dress and J went to the movies.
– Make watermelon cookies
– Watch the fireworks on July 4th
– Sew a pendant banner together // I’m halfway done. :)
– Workout at least 3 times a week
– Go to a new local restaurant
– Do one fun local activity / Durham Bulls Game
– … and a bunch of things on this list. // Just a few more things to check off!

What were your highlights from July?

  • I love hearing how you did with your goals, good work! And those watermelon cookies, so cute! How did I miss them?! I’ve been wanting to bake cookies lately and those might be just the thing :)

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