September Goals

September is here! Enter, the busy season. Work is picking up, evening activities commence and my weekends are filled with fun plans. Despite “routine life” returning for most, I will finally take a week-long vacation this month, and seriously can’t wait. I also have some big plans for getting our house put together, and have a whole host of blog posts in my head to share. Hopefully I’ll get around to writing those soon. ;)

On to the goals!

September Goals

September goals:

– Paint the living room and kitchen (my swatch ideas)
– Buy a lawn mower and get the best weed torch. Use said lawn mower to take care of my lawn (see here to learn more about lawn care)

– Start small group again
– Move everything out of the apartment and clean every square inch
– Finish painting the kitchen cabinets (progress)
– Spend a week at the beach
– Turn 28!
– Buy and hang curtains in the master bedroom
– Read a book or two
– Unpack most of our boxes
– Set up our home office
Finally buy some new clothes :)
– Hang at least a few things on the walls
– Buy a pumpkin spice latter on a cool, fall day!

What do you have planned this month?

PS – See my September goals from 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009

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