Home Tour: Before we moved in

Happy Tuesday! Who wants a little tour of our new house?

I debated showing the MLR photos used on the listing, but decided against it and just show what it looked like the morning after we closed. To preface: these pictures were taken with my iPhone so the quality isn’t that great. And also taking photos of my brand new house was the last thing I wanted to do since I wanted to simply enjoy that brand new house, so it was really quite the rushed photo job. Sorry. I look back and wonder why I chose this angle or chose that spot to take the photo… but whatever! It’s done. And in hindsight maybe that will make all my “after” pictures way more impressive since these before are so bad.

Anyhoo, let’s begin shall we?

Sometimes I get confused in long picture-heavy blog posts whether the caption is talking about the photo before or after, so just to make things easy on you — I’m going to explain the room before I show the picture.

First off, I completely forgot to get a picture of the entryway. It’s a two-story foyer that opens up to the upstairs landing, which you’ll see later. On your left french doors open to a small room, soon to be an office/study. In the office there is a window (not pictured) with a built-in bench underneath. We bought the best window blinds online learn more about Maverick Windows to get the best window services. If you want, you too can check out Southern Custom Shutters here! On the right are french doors that lead into the dining room. Ah, think of all the blog posts to be written in this room.


Looking in from the right corner of the office, you can see the entryway and the french doors leading to the room and a built-in bench under the window. Again, the nice large window failed to get pictured.

photo 3

Now I’m in the dining room, looking out to the hallway and through the french doors to the office. You can kind of see the built-in bench and front door through there, and the fabulous front window.

dining room

Here’s an angle from the dining room peaking into the kitchen and family room. The french doors leading to the office are behind me to the right. The layout is kind of like one big circle, with a half-bath in the middle leading from the front hallway. Also, there’s a big window behind me.

photo 1 (1)

What do ya know, more beige! Here is the kitchen and breakfast area. If I was smart enough, I would have tilted the camera a little more to the left and you can see the opening to the hallway/dining room and the half-bath. But now you get just a teeny tiny sliver of it. Also, you can’t tell from this picture, but next to the fridge is a doorway to the dining room. The glass doors on the right leads outside.

Home tour: before

Turn around, and you face the family room. I love the built-in bookcases and can’t wait to fill them with books and trinkets. You may notice there’s a hole above the fireplace; our theory is there was one big open box (popular in many early 2000 homes) and they built this wall so they could mount their TV and still keep the cords hidden. We probably won’t keep our TV up there, but it’s good to know the option is available.

Family room

Here’s a closer look at the built-in bookcases, fireplace and a peak at the stairwell.

family room

Turn a little to the right, and here you see the stairwell and the wall (and a blurry J giving Leia a tour). Again with my photo skills… if I had turned the camera to the right just a bit you would see the garage door, coat closet and half bath. If the garage door needs fixing, see what you need to be doing.

photo 5 (2)

Heading up stairs, here’s the landing, which opens up to the foyer so you can see the doorway and a sunny window above the door. You can see three doors in this pic: straight ahead is the guest bathroom, on the left is a small pink bedroom, and on the right is the master. You also can’t tell but the hallway next to the bathroom leads to another small bedroom. Behind me is the laundry room and guest bedroom.

photo 1 (3)

The laundry room is pretty standard and empty, so I’m not going to bother showing a picture. I also didn’t get a great picture of the guest or master bathrooms. Oops.

Pictured below is a bedroom, which has two closets in the corners. This will probably serve as a guestroom until we have kids. I think it would look fabulous one day with two twin beds against the wall, with a closet for each. But I’m getting ahead of myself now. :)

photo 3 (3)

Next is a small pink bedroom with a mirrored closet next to the bathroom. I call this my ballet room, although this room was one of the first to get painted the day after we moved in. (For some reason J didn’t want a pink room?). Leia and I say hi.

photo 3 (6)

Here is the master bedroom, looking in from the doorway. It’s a nice big room with trey (popcorn) ceilings. The right door way is the bathroom and the left opens to another smaller room. The walk-in closet (not pictured) is to the right of the bathroom door.

photo 3 (4)

Two doors open up from the master to a small green room (it’s since been painted). This room will be a sitting room (aka: man cave) until it’s someday converted to a nursery.

photo 3 (5)

So there you have it! The house tour, before pics.

I am still pinching myself that it’s ours. My favorite part may be the abundance of light. Or the built-in bookcases. Or the backyard… I’ll show more outside pictures soon. :) It has been a crazy few weeks, and I can’t wait to show you all the work we’ve done in that time. (Here’s a sneak peak.)

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