Family Beach Trip

Oh hey there, blog. I kinda forgot about you for a week. I forgot about a lot of things for a week, actually. Like forgetting to set an alarm, wear make up, and shower daily.

It was fabulous.


Last week my family and J’s family went to the beach for the week. Yep, you read that correctly — both of our families went to the beach together. Not many in-laws can do that — but I’m happy to report we survived and had a great time together! We went to Wrightsville Beach and stayed at a the most gorgeous 6-bedroom beach house that my SIL decorated for work. Y’all, it was gorgeous. (Check out #clemdaneelbeachtrip2013 for more pics. Yes, we’re so nerdy awesome we started a hashtag for the week.)


I am convinced that September is the very best month to go to the beach. (Well, aside from it being hurricane season. Thankfully, none entered our perfect beach haven.) I admit, this summer it was a little depressing going to work every day while my teacher friends and many coworkers took week (or even month)-long vacations, but September at the beach is magical. The beaches are secluded and quiet. The restaurants and shops are filled with locals. The weather is warm, but without the sticky humidity in the summer. And the ocean is so warm it’s almost like bath water.


I turned 28 on Sunday the 15th, and it was one of the best birthdays ever. How can you complain when you have the closest people that love you the most celebrating your birthday? There was even a birthday chant (don’t ask, it was embarrassing). My sister Carrie made a huge brunch and we sat on the deck for hours eating and laughing and opening presents, and then spent the day at the beach reading and fighting the waves.

IMG_8981Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 4.12.04 PMIMG_9024IMG_9021

We made delicious meals at home, took walks to the sound, saw every sunset, read a lot of books, told lots of stories, took naps on the deck, and got up the last morning to watch the sunrise.


It was such a great trip, and I am so thankful to have families that like each other. :)