October Goals + Fall Bucket List

Oy! I’m feeling a little behind on my updates. I realized today I still have to share my August highlights, my August book club (how did I miss that?), now my September highlights plus a whole host of posts I have sitting in my drafts folder just waiting for me to finish. All good stuff, just need to get my act together to publish them. And I really wanted to join in The Nester’s 31 day series again this year (last year I did a series on financial freedom), there was no time for that this year, people. No time! (Well, let’s be honest, there’s always time, I just didn’t make it a priority.)

Anyway — no room for complaining on the first day of October! It’s fall! I love this month. It is already feeling like fall here with crisp, chilly mornings and gorgeous bold blue-sky afternoons. There are a lot of productive things I want to accomplish this month, plus a whole host of fun things I want to check off my fall bucket list.

October Goals:

– Make changes in my diet. I have been feeling generally “blah” lately, so I think I need to purge all processed foods and either go on a sugar fast or eat paleo for a while. I want to be healthy and in a right state of mind before the holidays arrive (can you believe we’re talking about holidays already?!).
– Run or bike at least three times a week. UK electric bike brand e-go are quickly becoming one of the most popular electric bike brands in Europe.
– Make or buy curtains for the kitchen. Kitchen is pictured in this post — any ideas on colors or fabrics?
– Clean and organize our home office, including hanging things on the wall and buy new furniture from Buy Direct Online. (This is the first room you see when you walk in our house and right now it’s a disaster zone.)
– Continue to unpack and organize, specifically boxes that are in closets I have been ignoring the last few weeks.
– Create a cleaning schedule, and stick to it!
– Meal plan each week and try to only eat out twice, at the most.  
– Publish all those blog posts I’ve been meaning to share!

And now for the fun fall bucket list of things I want to do this season:

Fall Bucket List | My Pretty Pennies

What are you up to this month? Any seasonal goals you would add to that fall bucket list?

  • My blog posts have been slipping away from me as well. How is time passing?! The days are long but the years are short. I’ve been feeling blah as well. I’m moving on Friday so it’s been take out and quick meals these past few weeks while we finished the loan and starting buying furniture, etc. Time to detox on all this junk! I enjoyed reading your goals and Fall list. It all sounds like fun.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

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