August Highlights

Here we are October 4th and I’m just now getting around sharing what I liked about August. Oh well,  c’est la vie!

August Highlights |

August Highlights:

+ Watching lots of Gilmore Girls while I packed up the apartment (btw, did you know Don Draper is in an episode? Loralai meets him at the auction and turns out they have nothing in common).
+ Eating at Cowfish to celebrate our closing!
+ Getting the keys to our new house :)
+ Sharing a bottle of wine we bought months ago for “whenever we bought a house”
+ Hunting for sofas and rugs (more on that search in another post)
+ Peaches at Eastern Market
+ Sharing a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3 in Georgetown
+ Stopping by Capital Hill Books, a classic store with books crowding every inch of the place (even the bathroom)
+ Being tourists with J, Allison and Brian in DC

August Goals:

– Try to eat all the food in our fridge and pantry before grocery shopping
– Continue to save and spend very little
– Declutter and give away or sell stuff we don’t need
– Read Little Women Letters
– Do one fun local thing + try a new restaurant

– Plus a lot of things on my summer bucket list.

Failed to do:
– Organize and refresh the look of this blog // Coming soon :)
– Lose 3 to 5 lbs and workout regularly // Hah, nope. I did not lose any.
– Don’t kill my plants // Killed my cherry tomato plan. Sad.
– Sign up for a race this fall // I decided I had too much going on during the weekends and didn’t want to add one more thing to my plate.

How did you do on your August goals? If you can remember that far back… :)

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