October Highlights

Happy Halloween!  What are you up to this evening? Anyone go to fun parties? Clever costumes? J and I are hankering down in the suburbs, ordering takeout and handing out candy to the little trick or treaters. Rumor has it there are a lot of kiddos in this ‘hood so we bought three huge bags to be prepared. (We shouldn’t run out with three bags, right??) It will probably be very low-key for the humans in the house, but a truly terrifying evening for the canine. Leia barks when the doorbell rings and is afraid of little children and hates wearing costumes… spooky times ahead for that one.

On to October highlights…

October Highlights

+ Apple picking in Asheville with college friends
+ Lake Lure in early October
+ Celebrating my cousin’s wedding
+ Surprising my mother in-law with a weekend of birthday celebrations
+ Hosting our first party in the new house
+ Finding out the color of the tree in my front yard (it’s gorgeous)
+ Our first fire!
+ Girl’s weekend in Charlotte with my oldest and dearest friends
+ I got bangs, and not sure how I feel about them yet.

October Goals Recap: 


– Clean and organize our home office, including hanging things on the wall. // I cleaned and organized it but haven’t nailed anything to the wall yet.
– Continue to unpack and organize, specifically boxes that are in closets.
– Meal plan each week and try to only eat out twice, at the most. // For the most part…

Not accomplished:

– Make changes in my diet // Yeah, not really
– Run or bike at least three times a week. // Definitely didn’t happen
– Make or buy curtains for the kitchen. // Didn’t happen
– Create a cleaning schedule, and stick to it! // It’s clean, just didn’t get scheduled.
– Publish all those blog posts I’ve been meaning to share! // Nope. SO many drafts to publish.

Here’s hoping I get more things checked off in November. :)

PS – More monthly highlights.

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