Amazon Smile

How many of you shop at Amazon?

Hermione raising hand gif

Okay, all of you.

A week or so ago Amazon announced a new site: Amazon Smile — the exact same site you know and love, except every time you buy something Amazon will donate 0.5% of every sale to a charity of your choice. (With a few exceptions like digital items, such as mp3s or kindle books… but you can still purchase it on that site, it just don’t be applicable to donate.)

Isn’t that awesome? Sure it’s a very small percentage, but every little bit counts right?

Simple steps:
– Change your bookmark to
– At the top, change the charity that you want to support.
– Shop and start changing the world! :)

I was thrilled to see how many non-profits are available — even very small organizations! We support Tiny Hands, a small non-profit working in Nepal to rescue women trafficked across the border to India (anyone read the book Sold? They support women just like that.), so that’s where our donations are going. We are Amazon Prime members, so we shop there all the time, and it’s really nice to think that just a tiny little bit of everything we buy is going to good.

Had you heard of Smile Amazon? What organization or non-profit will you support? 

PS – For charities or non-profit organizations, you can be added to this list by signing up here.