Five Things

fireside crocheting

Five things to share this Friday:

1. I am really close to finishing a granny square blanket. I started it last Thanksgiving so it’s been in the works for waaaay too long.

2. I know everyone has already probably seen this, but last Friday’s BatKid was the sweetest, most awesome Make A Wish I’ve ever seen. Puts a little faith back into humanity.

3. I love Ashley Ann’s gift guide to DSLR photography and really want to take her online class (hint, hint, Santa).

4. How the multitasking genius Lara Casey gets stuff done.

5. I love the week of Thanksgiving. Work slows down and there’s such good energy in the air with the holidays officially beginning. That energy starts this weekend, as we plan to go to the Raleigh Christmas parade (but maybe not, I think it will rain?), then a party at my SIL’s house to watch the NC State vs. ECU game, then we are hosting a Friendsgiving at our house. And that’s just Saturday!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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