November Highlights

Sometimes I feel a little shallow when I write these highlights because I’m always exclaiming This month was awesome!! and talking about how great it was. Well, here I am to break the record and report: I’m not sad to see November go.

It’s not that it was a bad month, but it was not my favorite by any means. It was just so dark! I have (self diagnosed) seasonal affective disorder and can tell a difference in my attitude, productivity and overall happiness meter when this year rolls around. I find myself going to bed at 9pm simply because it’s been dark outside for four hours. Maybe that’s why Thanksgiving is conveniently located in this month — you need to look around and find things to be thankful for!

That said, there certainly were some great highlights, mainly on the weekends when I had plenty of sunshine to keep my spirits high. :)


November Highlights:

+ Weekend trip to Boone with friends
+ Waking up to a gorgeous sunrise in the mountains
+ Planting bulbs in my yard with my mom
+ Cheering on our friends in the City of Oaks half marathon
+ Lots of walks in the gorgeous woods
+ Packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child
+ Hosting Friendsgiving at our house
+ Playing hooky on Veteran’s Day with J
+ Going to see the Duke vs. UNC football game (Duke won! In football!)

Recap of November Goals:


  • Decide and enroll in employee benefits for 2014
  • Develop a cleaning schedule, and stick to it!
  • Develop a meal plan schedule, and stick to it!
  • Get a good pictures to use for a Christmas card
  • Order Christmas card
  • Get 75% of my Christmas shopping done!
  • Host/start a cocktail club with friends
  • Host a Friendsgiving!
  • Cook a family recipe and a new recipe for Thanksgiving
  • Plant bulbs and rake all of the leaves in the yard (still have leaves left to rake, but mostly done)

Not so much:

  • Workout at least once a week in the morning before work // I worked out 3 of the 4 weeks.
  • Clean and organize my closet, getting rid of clothes I don’t wear any more and prioritizing which items I need to buy // I plan to do this between Christmas and New Years
  • Develop a schedule for blogging, and stick to it! // Didn’t get to create a plan!

How did you do on your November goals? What were your highlights from last month?

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