Five Things

Lake Lynn in Raleigh, NC

Happy Friday! Oh my word, this week. It’s been a busy one! It’s a good busy though, and like I wrote about last year, hidden behind my to-do list are so many blessings that I am thankful for.

Five things for Friday:

1. It’s currently 78 degrees here in North Carolina while the rest of the country seems to be snowed in. I admit, I’d prefer the snow, but I’m also never one to complain when it’s 70 and sunny.

2. John and Sherry are having a…

3. One of my favorite parts of Christmas is decorating the tree, which we did last Saturday. This month I decide to share 12 days of ornaments on Instagram, so feel free to follow along. So many memories on that tree!

4. I am a little particular about what I watch on TV. I really only like things with clever plots and engaging characters. However, I love a good cheesy Christmas movie. The kind where in the first two minutes you can name exactly who will fall in love with whom and how that’s going to happen. Making fun of it all is part of the appeal. They must include at least two or more of these prototypes:

  • A small town, a widower/widow, an orphan, a disabled child, a workaholic who hates Christmas, a woman/man jaded from her past who hates Christmas, a Santa in disguise, a person who threatens/tries to cancel Christmas, an old lady who bakes, a cabin in the woods, and always, always a snowy Christmas Eve. (What else am I missing?)

5. This weekend we are baking dozens of cookies, helping serve food for an ESL class, attending my in-law’s Christmas party, and seeing Handel’s Messiah. Should be a good one!

Have a great weekend!

PS – You know you’re a real blog stalker follower when you call up your sister and start talking about bloggers like they are your mutual friends. Anyone do that??

PPS – Last night I watched Hallmark’s Let is Snow with Candace Cameron Bure (aka: DJ Tanner!). It was exactly what you’d expect and I loved every minute of it. 

  • I’m soooo excited for John & Sherry! How exciting to have one of each! That is totally my dream. :) I am totally a blog stalker! But no of my friends ‘understand’ or read blogs, so I don’t have anyone to discuss with. Darn!

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