Newlywed Insurance Guide + $50 Home Depot Giveaway!

When J and I got married, we decided to merge it all — bank accounts, credit cards, where we lived, even our last names (well, I took his last name, we didn’t really merge them together… that would be an awkward last name). It is such a long arduous process weeding through all of the legal documents and personal accounts to merge your life together.

Two years later and we are still navigating through it all, one area being insurance. We’ve got auto and home insurance taken care of, and have our own health care insurance through our jobs (thank goodness), but have yet to get life insurance over at this website. It’s on our list of things to take care of, along with writing a will. :)

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) shared with me a newlywed insurance guide and I thought it may be helpful for some who are about to get married or have been dragging their feet on taking care of insurance items (like me). They are also giving away a $50 Home Depot gift card at the end of this post!

Sidenote: What year do you stop being a newlywed? After one year? Five years? I’m losing track of how long we’ve been married. A few months ago I told someone we’ve been married for three years (nope) and then at a party last week I said I had been married a year and a half (not true)! What’s wrong with me.


Now for the fun part. NAIC is awarding one lucky winner a $50 giftcard to Home Depot and Boom and Bucket. All you have to do is leave a comment to enter, but there are more options if you want to enter more than once. I will announce the winner next Thursday (Dec 19th).

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What would you buy if you won the giftcard?
I have so projects on my house to do list, I wouldn’t know where to begin! J made me promise not to do any big projects until 2014 (after all the work we did the first three weeks)… but y’all 2014 is coming!! :)

  • I found that 24% of married millenials purchased their first home together before they were married, was interesting.

  • I didn’t know that Saturday was considered an unlucky day to marry. And I’d say that you’re a newlywed for the first year.

  • These facts are pretty interesting. Wish I knew these when I was newly married. Though since I have divorced, and am not planning on getting married, I will keep this in mind for my friends’ kids that plan to marry soon.

  • I found it interesting that 24% of married millenials purchased their first home together before they were married

  • Eek! Saturday is an unlucky day? Maybe we need to consider adjusting our September date! LOL I hope we win *crossing fingers8

  • Wills are so important! I am an estate planning attorney and it is amazing how many people don’t have one! A super basic will with power of attorneys and health care directives can be pretty affordable. And once you get over the icky-ness of spending a lot of time thinking about when you die and who dies first and what happens if all the people you like die (seriously, one of the worst aspects of my job), it’s not so bad. You get a few pieces of paper with all of the directions and you don’t have to think about it again for a long long time!

  • I thought it was interesting that couples discuss so much before getting married! Maybe Steve and I were just so young and irresponsible! : ) – what valuable information that your blog provides! I enjoy reading it! Thanks for a chance at the giveaway- with our move back to Florida, a Home Depot gift card would come in handy!

  • I like the tip to consider future income potential to determine how much insurance coverage is necessary.

  • So glad you are talking about those not so fun “items” of importance in 2014; sure could use that Home Depot Gift card!

  • I found it surprising that 73% of couples didn’t talk about health insurance!


  • Oh boy, we have so many house projects! We would use this gift card to buy some paint. Our whole house is the same bland shade of beige and really cheap paint. We can’t wait to slowly re-paint it all!

    I think you are a newlywed at least for the first 5 years.

  • I was surprised that the number of millenials that bought a house together before marriage wasn’t higher.

  • I’m working on buying my first home and will keep in mind how $5000 in renovations can change my insurance value

  • That 84% of engaged & married couples aged 18-24 said it was imp to share preexisting health conditions before marriage

  • Location, Location, Location! That is really important! Thank you for this chance!

    ninigossett at gmail dot com

  • I would think all couples would talk about a pre-existing health condition before getting married, but apparently not.

  • I was actually surprised that not everyone does live together before they are married – I don’t know anyone who didn’t in our generation!

  • The possibly that my boyfriend and I might end up purchasing a house together before we are married is more likely.

  • The tip about 24% of couples buying a home together before they got married is surprising. That could make for a really messy breakup.

  • The tip about who’s health insurance to keep after the wedding is helpful to think about.

    If I won the Home Depot gift card, I’d give it to my fiance to use to his heart’s content. :)

  • New reader here. I’ve spent so much time at Home Depot over the past year. It makes my inner feminist happy.

  • I’m surprised that (not that I should be) more people don’t discuss life insurance before getting married. Too morbid, perhaps?

  • One fact I found interesting is that less than 73% of marrying couples addressed the topic of whose health insurance to keep.

  • I found it interesting that so many married millenials bought their first home before being married (I am one of them)!

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