Brown Paper Packages

Let me interrupt this very busy time of year to share a very cute and affordable way to wrap your presents. Cause as it is exactly one week away from Christmas Eve (!) chances are you have a closet full of gifts just waiting to be wrapped.

I love brown paper packages tied up with string. (<-It’s hard to write that without breaking out in song, isn’t it?:) But I really love that look — simple, easy to customize and timelessly beautiful. I bought some paper from Target a few years ago but the $5 roll was so small it ended after just a few presents. It was pretty, but ended up costing me a lot of money after buying a few rolls, ribbon and little tags to decorate.

This year, however, I discovered that Home Depot sells this exact same paper in bulk for $11.

brown paper roll at home depot

And it’s HUGE. It’s found in the painting section, next to all of the drop cloths.


I’ve used the paper for a few events, including on a drink table, where I labeled different types of drinks on the paper, and then as a tablecloth, which is always fun when kids come over.

brown paper tablecloth

dining room table

And then I used it to wrap all of my Christmas presents this year.

brown paper packages

I tied it with yarn (which I already had, but could cost you about $2 per roll), and then found these cute tags at Target for $5 (for 50 tags — pretty good deal since they are sturdy cardboard and come in a little tin).


And I love the way they look under the tree. :)

Have you wrapped your gifts yet this year?
Do you ever wrap with brown paper? 
Did anyone else know the secret of hardware store paper?

PS – Today is the last day to enter to win a $50 gift card giveaway. You could buy five rolls with that!

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