2014 Goals

I love, love, love making goals. Can you tell yet? :) Normally I jump into January 1st with a nice little list of resolutions I created the night before. This year, however, I have spent a lot more time thinking about the new year and mulling about the things I want checked off by the time 2015 rolls around. I spent a few days going through Lara Casey’s Goal Setting series, and it has given me a greater focus for what I want to accomplish this year, which I’m categorizing into grow, simplify and give. (Check out my 2014 vision board on Pinterest for more inspiration.)

2014 Goals

One of the things I love about being an adult is that I have the freedom to do basically whatever I want. If I want to stay up until midnight, no one is there to stop me. If I want to eat cake for breakfast, I can. It is so easy to do what’s easy and comfortable, but I admit, I’ve kind of stayed in a little comfort bubble for the last few years. I’d like to know a little more about the world next year than I do right now. I rarely watch the news because I find it boring, but there is so much I can learn from the rest of the world. And one day my kids will learn this “history” we call the present and I’m not going to know what they are talking about. So this year my goal is to continue to grow and learn and try new things.

  • Watch at least 10 documentaries / I saw like three. Womp womp. 
  • Read at least 15 books (minimum of 10 non-fiction)
  • Learn more about the companies that I buy from, and make decisions that better the environment and society / Yes and no. I researched a lot, but didn’t make as many changes in my buying habits that I’d like. 
  • Learn to do modern calligraphy / Ha! This is not my strong suit, and I really didn’t enjoy doing it, so I stopped. :)
  • Use my DLSR on manual at least once a month / Yeah, this definitely didn’t happen. 
  • Participate in a squeaky clean Paleo diet for one month and make necessary changes to my diet moving forward / Accomplished in January and July.
  • Run in at least 2 races
  • Continue to blog and make attainable blog goals each month / This definitely didn’t happen.

I am a happier person when I give. Of my time, my money, my stuff. These are the three areas I want to focus on giving this year, and there are a few areas that I do better than others. Money, for example, we are doing okay with as we mindlessly have our bank account set up to give away a good portion of our income each month. I have a lot of stuff to give away — we have so much. But time? Our precious time? Not so much. I’d rather write a check than give up my time. So I’d like to invest more time into relationships and serving others this year.

  • Do one random act of kindness every month
  • Find an organization or ministry to serve / Taught ESL on a weekly basis
  • Write a letter once a month to our sponsored child in Togo / Major fail. I wrote maybe 4 times. 
  • Go on a shopping fast for three months / More about that in this post.
  • Host others regularly in our home
  • Go on a missions trip / Read all about my trip to Haiti

A simple life
— doesn’t that sound heavenly? What does a simple life entail? To me, it’s having enough. Living within my means, eating healthy, making choices that keep life simple and less stressful. I want to be very intentional about the things I buy and enter my house. We have so much stuff it’s ridiculous. Stuff we don’t need, stuff we don’t use, stuff that only creates more stress in our life. I only want to keep what I think is useful, practical or pretty, and ideally all three. There are still things on our list of things to buy for the house, but instead of just buying what I want or see at Target, I want to create a space for everything and simplify my life. My simplify goals include:

  • Buy more used, local or fair trade/sustainable companies
  • Grow a vegetable and herb garden in my backyard (even if it’s just a small one)
  • Start a compost and use the waste from our kitchen to grow our garden
  • Redefine my style and rebuild my wardrobe (more on that in this post)
  • Make my home organization meaningful and purposefully
  • Treat Sunday like a Sabbath —  a family day of rest to recharge, relax and disconnect
  • Take two weeks off of social media
  • Schedule ahead to go to the dentist, doctor and vet on a regular basis (these appointments give me stress for some reason!)
  • Choose a life insurance plan
  • Create a will for our family
  • Continue to save, give and be responsible with our finances

This list seems a little ambitious, and at the beginning of the year I’m a little overwhelmed, but excited to jump in and start making changes. Also, I plan to tackle each of these in more detail throughout my monthly goals. Here’s to a great new year!

What are your goals for this year?

  • I know I asked you if you’ve read “Lessons from Madame Chic” by Jennifer L. Scott before, but it might be helpful. It would certainly be a fun read. Plus, she loves a 10-item wardrobe and to practice the art of entertaining. The book’s even available cheap at like Marshalls now. The author also has a blog and youTube channel, The Daily Connoisseur. I just did a blog post myself, reviewing a dozen books. Here’s the link: http://italiagal.blogspot.com/2014/01/basic-book-reviews-what-i-read-during.html. Although, I know you’ve also read “Bread & Wine.” I wish you the best of luck and happiest 2014!

  • My overarching goal for the year is to simplify. Our family started getting serious about this toward the end of 2013 and it’s refreshed our lives immensely. It really affects every area of our lives from owning less stuff to eating more clean foods. We plan to continue into this year. I also have several goals relating to growing my handmade business.

    I love documentaries, too! Do you have any favorites?

  • I haven’t read that book before, but I looked through it on Amazon and it looks right up my ally. Adding that, and a few others from your book review, to my 2014 reading list! Thank you! By the way, are you on Goodreads? That’s where I keep a list of most of the books I’ve read and want to read. My profile is “thatginnagirl”

  • I agree whole heartedly. I felt trapped for so long and said “whenever I’m debt free I’m going to give” and it’s something I have to consciously remind myself of today now that I’m debt free.

  • I am with you on simplify. It’s amazing how much STUFF accumulates in our lives.

    As for documentaries, I honestly haven’t watched that many, which is why it’s on my list this year. I have a few on my want-to-see list, like Happy or Food, Inc. Do you have any favorites you’d recommend?

  • You’re so welcome! I’m not on GoodReads. It’s just… I’m completely addicted to Pinterest, always want to post on my blog more often, and like facebook, that I don’t want to overwhelm myself with social media so… I haven’t joined things like Instagram or GoodReads yet. I’ll probably join them during 2014, but simply strive to keep all that in check, throw in short times of digital detox too.

  • After reading your goals I think I am going to add a social media cleanse component to mine. Last May I went a month without it and I almost forgot how refreshing it was. Great list of goals, I too am a huge fan of goal-setting!

  • Thanks! I have actually never done a social media cleanse before, and think it will be much-needed since I reach for my phone way too often.

  • I hear you! I need more simplification in my life too! I actually don’t interact with others on Goodreads, just keep a list of what I’ve read, what I want to read and what I’m currently reading on there for myself. But I guess you can also keep track of it offline or even via Pinterest. :)

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