January Goals

Ahhh January. A month of good intentions and wide-eye hope for the new year. J thinks it’s weird that I have feelings about months, but I do. And January? I have a love-hate relationship with January. It’s dark, cold, and I miss the holidays. But I love a fresh start, and it will be a much-needed month of routine and quiet after the craziness that was December.

On to my goals! A lot of them stem off of our my yearly goals to grow, give and simplify.

January Goals

January Goals:

  • Listen to NPR every morning on my commute to work
  • Start a squeaky clean 30-day Paleo diet (will run from Jan 6- Feb 6th)
  • Declutter my home office
  • Put together ideas for a gallery wall behind the TV
  • Start a no-spending fast (more on that soon)
  • Use a Groupon to a boxing/boot camp gym and go at least twice a week
  • Take a walk on my lunch break once a week
  • Do a set of crunches every time I watch TV at home
  • Write a letter to our Compassion child Jacques in Togo
  • Do one random act of kindness this month

What are your goals this month?
Do you have feelings about months? Or do you think that’s kinda weird? :)

  • Good luck with your goals for the month! I posted mine last week at http://morethanyesterday.ca/2014/01/01/january-goals/ and I’m loving setting the monthly goals.

    Also YES to feelings about months!! Some are just better than others. I feel ya on the cold & dark of January… I’m so not a winter person so I’m just waiting for spring!

  • Thanks for sharing a link to your goals, you have some good ones for January (especially the Michael’s trips…I get sucked into there too!). Can’t wait for spring either! :)

  • Excellent Goals! I too set some mini goals for January. One of them is to write to my Compassion child! I am also going to be beginning the Paleo diet. I haven’t picked a start day though. I’m still reading a book about it, I’m a researcher haha

    Happy I stumbled on your little place in cyber space :)


  • Thanks for stumbling on here! I read Practical Paleo before I started, and it’s so informative it was almost like a textbook. So far the diet has been good, but then again I’m also on day 5 so we’ll see how it goes at the end of this month. ;)

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