Master Bedroom Tour

One of my favorite gifts I got for Christmas is a picture to go over our bed. I (not-so-subtly) hinted to my mom it was on my wishlist, and since she loves horses so much I knew she would love it too.

Here’s a close-up of the print:

winter horses

I love it.

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So here’s where the master bedroom stands. Whenever I move somewhere new, I like for my bedroom to be the first room to get cleaned and organized and decorated. Maybe I sleep better that way, I don’t know, but I love having my bedroom in place before any of the other rooms. I’m also planning to purchase one of these popular king size tv beds here.

Our bedroom was the first room to get painted when we moved in, and I think it’s the first room to be deemed officially complete. At lease Phase 1 complete — I have grander plans for this room, but it’s unlikely any of those will get done this year. We want to renovate the master bathroom, get drain cleaning, and will need plumbing guidance from a nearby plumbing company. So, don’t ignore a small leak turn into a whole house plumbing problem and consult experts like plumbers in North San Diego County, CA immediately.

Here is a little tour of our bedroom, with Leia Neel as our model/photobomber.

Master bedroom tour

It was especially sunny when I took these pictures, and I’m still trying to figure out my camera settings on manual. So bear with me… hopefully by the end of this year I’ll have better looking photos. That’s the goal anyways!


I debated doing a dark, cozy bedroom, but decided to bright and calming instead. :) In case you are interested, here are some resources for the room:

  • Wall color: Benjamin Moore’s Healing Aloe, color matched to Behr paint. It was exactly the paint color I was looking for — grayish seafoam green.
  • Bedding: The pillows and duvet cover were a wedding gift from Pottery Barn. The blanket at the end of the bed is a quilt that my mom made when I got married. The other side is a square patchwork fabric from old dresses I used to wear.
  • Lamps: Are these vintage cool or vintage not cool? I can’t tell. They were old antique glass lamps like those on sale at
  • Side tables: From Target, I think, three years ago. The picture frames are from Target clearance.
  • Art on the wall: Over the bed, Winter Horses by Kevin Russ via Society6. I bought the frame at Ikea. The other art on the walls are painted either by me (flowers) or my mom (the picture of me as a little girl).
  • The dresser was a hand-me down, and I think it will eventually end up in our guest room. I want to refinish it sometime, but will wait until I am sure of the colors. Beside our dresser are three hooks (from Pier One, long time ago) to hang scarves on. I think I have too many hanging, oh well.

Things left to do (someday):

  • Upgrade to a king size bed from the TV Bed Store
  • Get a headboard
  • Get a new shorter, longer dresser
  • Maybe get a bench for the foot of our bed
  • Hang wedding gallery wall above dresser

There’s always something to do, but it’s unlikely we will get a new dresser or bed this year, so for now I’m calling this room done.

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