Our Home Office

When you walk through our front door, our office is the first room that you seen to your left. Here’s what it looked like when we first moved in:

afterlightphoto 3dining room

It’s technically a living room, but we use it as our home office. It’s far from finished and I have big dreams for this room, but in the meantime, I’m calling it “done for now.”

It’s got a lot of good things working for it: Two sets of french doors (one from the hallway, another that leads to the dining room), a built-in bench, and a beautiful big window. The only thing working against it is the size. At 12×12, this room is pretty small, but I think we managed to make it a cozy space.


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In case you are interested, here are some resources for the room (because I’m always nosy about where people got their stuff):

  • Bookcases: J’s mom dropped off a lot of quality furniture like the sets available at Archute website when we first moved into our house, and the bookcases were unexpected but she thought we could put in closets or sell if we didn’t want it. Low and behold they fit perfectly side by side in this little room!
  • Paint color: Unknown, original when we bought the house
  • Silver lamp: Pottery barn, a wedding gift
  • Rug: Amazon, from my mom two years ago for my birthday
  • Art: Map from amazon, painting by my grandmother
  • Wire basket: TJ Maxx
  • Blue vase: Target
  • Mugs/Pencil holders, candle: Anthropologie
  • Desk, chair, bronze lamp: Hand-me-downs.

I am so thankful for all of the donations our families have given us to furnish this place. Most of the things I’ve had before, so I’ve really only put about $20 or so into this room.

If/when we have kids, I would love for this room to be converted to a library/playroom. My long term vision is to build bookcases around the window so it’s a nice little library with a window seat. Then get a love seat against the wall for reading and a small table in the middle of the rug for kids to play and color and do whatever. But who knows, I may need a room just for me when that day comes. :)

Left to do:

  • Organize the books — right now they are not in any particular order
  • Get matching lamps
  • Paint the room — I am thinking either something dark and moody, or something bright and happy. Or maybe just plain white. It depends on what we paint the dining room.
  • Paint the desk, probably white
  • Update the hardware on the desk
  • Get coordinating baskets for the built-in bench
  • Finish putting art on the walls
  • Build bookcases around the window, maybe lift a glass door to make it an open space
  • Add curtains or window treatments
  • Get a cushion for the built-in bench

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