Fighting the Ugly Feelings, Shopping Edition

Twice in the last week I was hit with The Ugly Feelings.

First, when I was walking the aisle of Target, admiring all of their super cute spring stuff that just hit the shop’s commercial shelving. And second when I walked into an antique store and perused the collection of treasures and trinkets nestled in boxes and along tables.

Why I was perusing the home aisle of Target and visiting thrift stores in the midst of a shopping fast is beyond me, but there I was. Faced with the ugly feelings. The feelings of entitlement and greed and envy and whatever the noun is for “missing out.”

Unwelcome thoughts came swarming into my head, and before I knew I was thinking things like:

If I don’t buy this RIGHT NOW, it will be gone forever!!!

This whole aisle is 90% off. When in the world do you ever find a gorgeous picture frame for NINETY PERCENT OFF?

Yesterday I wore a shirt that I’ve had in my closet since high school. HIGH SCHOOL. I need new clothes!

I desperately need new workout clothes and skecher work shoes. And these are on sale!

I can think of a dozen ways to use this tray. Two dozen ways!

Who cares if it’s 40-degrees outside, I gotta buy these shorts.

Those antique paintings would look great on my gallery wall. If I don’t buy them now, someone is going to come in here next week and buy them. My paintings! Someone is going to come in here next week and steal my stuff!

(I told you they were ugly.)

yellow shoes

The best way to battle against the feelings — no matter the variety — is with a good batch of truth:

  • Truth: Target has been making cute stuff since the beginning of its time. Why in the world will it stop now? If you miss out on this seasons’ home decor, it’s okay. Next spring will probably be cuter.
  • Truth: Buying just to buy feels good in the moment, but it doesn’t satisfy.
  • Truth: Impulse-buying clothes is the reason you aren’t satisfied with your closet. Make a list of clothes you need, and stick to the list.
  • Truth: Yep, you do need new workout clothes. But you can wait.
  • Truth: If you miss out on a deal, there will be other ones that come your way.
  • Truth: Do you really need another picture frame? You do not.
  • Truth: The reason you can still wear that shirt from high school is because it is a high-quality basic that can transcend trends. You need to buy more of those.
  • Truth: Your house is lovely just the way it is, and people don’t think about what you wear as much as you think they do.
  • Truth: To much is given, much is required. Isn’t there someone else who could benefit from the money you would spend on these things? Use this time dwelling on how to bless others, not what you are missing out on.
  • Truth: It is possible to be content with what you have right now. You just have to make the choice to look around and give thanks with what you have.
  • Love the dialog… truth talk…. sounds like you made it to the other side… Congratulations. :)

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