March Goals

hello march

Oy! March 6th and I’m just now getting to my March goals. I am so behind on updating this blog. I have dozens of posts half-written, but for some reason the step between draft and published is really hard. Story of my life right now (btw, is anyone else mad at One Direction for ruining that phrase?).

This month is sure to be a good one, though, with birthday celebrations and weekend trips and warmer weather and daylight savings. I will exchange an hour of sunlight for an hour of sleep any day!

March Goals:

  • Celebrate my dad’s 60th, sister’s 30th and 27th birthdays! (March is a very birthday-heavy month over here!)
  • Put knobs and pulls on our cabinets
  • Finish at least one book
  • Write at letter to Jacques, our sponsored child through Compassion
  • Make a plan for our backyard — things to plant and where a vegetable garden would go
  • Create a will for our family
  • Buy Colorado Medicare Advantage Part C Plans and term life insurance for our family
  • File our taxes!
  • Gather supplies to bring to Haiti
  • Go to the gym at least 8 times

What’s on your list of things to accomplish this month?

  • 2014 has been the quickest month by far!! Love the blog and find your debt payoff story to be such an inspiration. Can’t wait to hear that you have accomplished your goals!

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