Third Anniversary

Traditions are a funny thing. When you are a kid, they are a fundamental part of your family and have so much significance to a time of year. You seem to think they are things everyone does, but of course learn later your parents just make them as you grow.

When J and I got married, we talked about what we wanted to instill in our family moving forward. There are so many anniversary traditions out there — taking a trip, going out to dinner, giving traditional anniversary gifts — and we wanted to do them all! But realistically, we probably needed to choose one to manage expectations and keep things simple. So we decided our only anniversary tradition would be to get off of work and spend the day together.

Our third anniversary was this past Wednesday, and it wasn’t the best timing. I am about to be off for six work days, and the funeral for my friends’ baby required me to take off on Friday. But work is never more important than relationships, so we took the day off as planned.

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We woke up late (well, 7:30 is late for us), picked up breakfast and went for a hike with Leia. Afterwards we browsed in a bookshop, dropped of Leia and went out to lunch where we ate an absurd amount of food. That’s one of the delights of having the day off during the week — luxurious lunches. We ventured over the North Carolina Museum of Art where we tried to walk off our meal. :) Then we headed home and read books on our patio. We made pizza for dinner and watched American Hustle.

Super simple, but super us.

PS – Our second anniversary. Apparently I didn’t blog about our first?

  • Traditions are awesome…it prevents your from asking: what are we doing this year? what do you want to do? and i love the your tradition is so simple and you!! super sweet!

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