Listening to the worship songs we sing at church on spotify.

Painting some rooms in our house.

Enjoying quiet evenings at home.

Praying for the Haitian orphans I met. Btw, today’s the last day to buy a t-shirt!

Growing tomatoes and basil.

Killing my cilantro. Seriously, how do you keep that stuff alive?!

Planning a trip to Europe next spring.

Reading House of Sand and Fog.

Avoiding this blog. It’s just far down the list, you know?

Pinning ideas for my dining room.

Cooking, little.

Grilling, everything!

Planning summertime fun.

What are you currently up to?

  • Oh cilantro (or coriander as we call it!). My basil is going bananas but I struggle time and time again with my coriander. Like you, I’m ignoring my blog but just enjoying reading those I’ve read over the years. Summertime fun sounds great right now, it’s cooling down for winter here (Melbourne, Aus) but we’re expecting a mild one at least. I’m grilling very little but the crockpot is on regular rotation.

  • Cilantro / coriander I’ve decided is going to be something I just have to buy at the store. It’s too finicky to grow! Thanks for commenting all the way in Australia! So awesome to see readers from so far away!

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