Boston Trip: Day Three

This is the third and final post on our trip to Boston. Read more about days one and two. :)

The last day! We got up early, packed up our stuff and hit the town. Our flight was leaving at 6 pm, so we wanted to be sure to get everything off our list early in order to make it to the airport in time.


We grabbed coffee and breakfast at Sorelle, a coffee shop along the harbor in Charlestown, then walked to the North End to rent bikes for the day.


We rented from Urban Adventures (part of our Go Boston pass… read more about that on day one). We told them we wanted to bike to Harvard, so they gave us a map and showed us the route to take. Apparently we made one wrong turn and quickly got lost in the middle of downtown Boston (on a weekday). So that made for an adventure! What should have taken ten minutes to get to the Charles River trail took about forty. But finally, after looking like idiots on the sidewalks of Boston, we found the trail. :)


Once we got on the trail, we were smooth sailing.


It was one of those times when you are having so much fun, the scenery is so beautiful and the weather is so perfect that you get nostalgic before the moment is even over.

IMG_1462 IMG_1465

Our destination was Harvard, which took about five miles along the Charles River trail. I was so excited when we arrived! I felt just like Rory Gilmore did when Loralai snuck her away to see the campus. :) J and I walked around a little bit, went into a few shops and visited the Natural History Museum.

IMG_1476 IMG_1481

Then we stopped for lunch at Tasty Burger. While we were there I pointed out to J that they sold Cheerwine (a North Carolina-based soft drink, for all you Yankees out there). Someone sitting nearby heard and asked if we were from the South and we learned he is from Asheville and knows J’s aunt. What a small world!


After lunch we walked around a little more and then biked back to Boston, which felt so much faster this time. :)


We dropped off our bikes, got some gelato and sat on a patio near a park (not sure what the park is called, but it was right near the highway on the outside of North End and near Haymarket).



Like all good things, this trip finally came to an end. We walked back to Charlestown, packed our bags and headed for the airport. I was so sad to say goodbye to our beautiful home away from home for the past few days!


I’m so happy we chose Boston to visit. It was really fun going to a place neither of us knew much about before. I was obsessed with how quaint the whole city and surrounding towns were, and was impressed with how clean it was. We both we were really surprised at how small the city felt and how easy it was to get around on foot. I am also really happy we visited in mid-June, the weather was perfect. I am sure the whole place feels completely different covered in snow after months of subzero temps.

My favorite thing we did was the bike ride on Monday, and J’s by far was the Red Sox game. Next time, I’d like to visit the Sam Adams brewery, go paddle boarding on the Charles River, and explore more small New England towns surrounding the area. But since we just had three days, I’m pretty happy with all we were able to do and have no regrets.

It is nice to be home, but we had such a great time I’m dreaming of our next getaway. Any recommendations?! :)

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