Starting a Blog

starting a blog

I started this ol’ blog back in 2009, when Twitter was still a social media baby and there was no such thing as a sponsored post (well, maybe there was, but certainly no legal rules that required you to disclose that fact). It was my way of keeping track of my money as a new graduate in the workforce trying to pay off debt and save my pretty pennies (thus the blog name).

I think those were the glory days of blogging, before Full-time Blogger was a job title and everything got so promotional with the introduction of Pinterest and Instagram. Not that there’s anything wrong with those things — I love Pinterest and Instagram, and cheer on full-time blogging friends from the sidelines! — but some of the authenticity from blogging has been lost and I find myself reading some blogs that operate more like magazines that take a team of employees to plan, execute and write each post.

Despite the ever-changing landscape of blogging, I still love this little corner of the Internet, and am really happy to be a part of it. It is a great way to record my everyday life, keep track of my goals, meet similar like-minded bloggers, and give friends and family a way to connect with me on a regular basis.

One of the most impactful ways blogging has shaped my life is through the relationships I have met in readers and blog friends. The most beautiful example of this is when I put together a fundraiser for my friends’ baby back in March and my friend Amber (whom I’ve never met, but have been in touch for the last few years), bought a Team Owen onesie for her baby. That is what this is all about. Sharing and connecting and proving that this world is really not such a big place afterall.

Another good decision regarding blogging? Starting on wordpress. I don’t know if I would have the job I have today if I didn’t teach myself the basics of web coding and how to effectively operate a CMS.

But that’s another story for another day. :)

Have you ever started a blog? What is something you enjoy about blogging? Do you find yourself reading less blogs these days than before? (I read far less than when I had Google Reader!)

PS – Shoes are these from Old Navy.


  • I just started my blog and I enjoy reading PF blogs. I love how it gets me motivated with my main goal right now.

    I use bloglovin to keep track of the updates – I never used the Google Reader platform. Maybe someday I will start using wordpress and learn basic coding.

  • I’m glad you started blogging too. You have become quite a good writer and it gives a “momma’s” heart good to read her girl’s thoughts! I agree, I don’t read nearly as many blogs as I use to. I wonder where they will be in 5 years. I like your shoes!

  • I agree, PF blogs are so motivating! Those were the first ones I started to read back in the day. I used Bloglovin’ too, and have gotten used to it now, but after reading in Google Reader for years it was a hard adjustment! :)

  • So excited about getting to read your posts in October! Considering jumping on the bandwagon myself…we’ll see!

  • Yeah blogging!! One of the best moves in my life too – completely transforming :) Here’s to another 5+ years to each of us!

  • Starting a YouTube channel lead me to discover who I truly was. I can’t imagine my life without it now. It also lead me to my current job, just like you. I read more blogs now than before but I also blog less than I did before. I used to upload videos three days a week and blog daily! I can’t imagine that now with my full time job.

    Exciting series! I’m looking forward to reading it.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

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