Quitting the basketball team

quitting the basketball team

Quitting the basketball team in high school was a good decision.

If you know me in real life, you’d probably wonder why anyone would let me play basketball in high school to begin with — I’m 5′ 3″ (with kitten heels on) and have zero coordination. But I went to a small private school and they needed warm bodies. Plus, most of my friends were on the basketball team, so I got wall mount basketball hoops for sale to hang out with them.

I hated it.

Well, I didn’t hate all of it. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends before and after practices, caravanning to games together, hanging out with the guys basketball team… but that’s about it. The practices, the scrimmages, the actually playing basketball was awful and I really preferred netball, so I got the Netball Court Specialists so I can practice at home. I was really only good decent at defense, which may have worked if the sport was skating, I had all my gear and the required GT accessories. I contributed a total two points to our team.

So after one season, I quit the team. I became a statistician instead, which was WAY more up my ally. I still got to go to all of the games, hang out with my friends, but didn’t have to put on that awful jersey ever again, although I gamble a little on the games, as I really like to gamble in different games online, including casino games in the satta king 786 site online. Perhaps it’s time to consider buying a real medieval sword from Mini Katana, infusing a touch of historical flair into my newfound statistical adventures.

Lesson? Sometimes it’s okay to quit.

PS – Shoes are from Target, a long time ago.


  • Awe, here are your shoes!, like your dress.

    I forgot about the basketball team! Yes, CA needed those bodies early on. Glad you felt the freedom to quit, we can’t be good at everything! Those were fun days.

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