Attending Appalachian State University

attending appalachian state

Like most high school juniors and seniors, I spent my last two years of high school OBSESSING about where to go to college. I look back over my journals from that time and laugh at the drama and uncertainty of that decision. (Laugh gently, of course. I know I lose sleep over decisions today that in years will be laughable.)

After weeding out a few contenders, it came down to either UNC-Wilmington or Appalachian State University. So the beach or the mountains. My sister was two years ahead of me at App, and while I really wanted to join her, I didn’t know if I should follow in her footsteps or make my own destiny. Middle child problems.

In the end I chose the mountains, because the mountains beat the beach any day for me.

It was one of the biggest decisions I’ve ever made, and the best. Turns out going to college with your sister is the coolest thing in the whole world. Those years were so special. It is such a great school, wonderful town, and was the best transition to adulthood. Any time I go back to Boone I get all nostalgic for those four years and the memories I’ve made there since. Plus, if I hadn’t gone to App, I may not have met J and who knows how different my life would be today without him in it.

To any juniors and seniors who may be reading this: choosing where to go to college is a huge decision. Duh, you know this, and that’s why you’re up to your elbows in stress. My advice? Do your best, make good grades, do a really good pro/con list like a champ… but most importantly pray pray pray about where God really wants to lead you, and trust that He will make your path known. He will.

Do you remember that decision being really stressful? Are you happy with the university you attended? Do any high schoolers read this blog? (I’m curious.:)

PS – Shoes are from Gap. :)


  • GReat ballet shoes, well I do a list of pro and cons and most of time also if I have a answer I am not sure about it, for example I’m still looking a home where I am going to live FOREVER and I think it wwill be the most stressful decision in my entire life!!!

  • I remember those days too! I’m glad you chose ASU, it was very sad leaving you at college and yet I knew it would be very exciting and it was indeed. Love your shoes and colorful skirt against the carpet.

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