Joining a Small Group

joining a small group

J and I joined a small group in the fall of 2011.

After a few months of attending The Summit, we decided we either needed to go to another church or get involved with a small group. It was too big, and while I loved the services, I hated not recognizing a single face week after week. So we decided to join a small group.

Sidenote: to anyone who is wondering What the heck is a small group? it’s a “small group” from church that meets on a weekly basis to study the Bible and share what God is doing in our lives. 

A friend told us about a couple that was starting a small group in our area, so we got in touch with them. We planned to meet them for the first time at Pei Wei. It was like a blind date, we weren’t entirely sure who the couple was that we were meeting, but it ended up being such a fun dinner and the start of a wonderful friendship. (A year later, our friends went on to be missionaries in Germany, and we are actually visiting them next spring on our trip to Europe.)

We began attending small group each Monday night. We got to know some new couples and families near us, and shared what we were learning and reading and how God was working in our lives. It took some time to adjust to the group at first. I didn’t really know these people very well, and the last thing I want to do when I first meet new people is share my struggles. But slowly the walls started to crumble and we started opening up, and it has grown into a beautiful group of dear friends.

We just started our fourth year this fall. A few couples and families have come and gone, through moving or starting their own groups, but it remains one of my favorite parts of my week and I love these people dearly. A couple of years ago I used to refer to them as “small group girls” and now I just call them friends. Our group has had new babies and weddings and seen God do some AMAZING things by answering prayers and working in our lives. None of our lives are easy, and there are some serious struggles and hardships in many families, but it is so much easier sharing and bearing the burden with others.

Joining a small group in the beginning of our marriage was one of the best decisions we ever made.

PS – Shoes are Merona wedges from Target. And yes, I’m wearing the same burgundy corduroy pants as yesterday. Don’t judge. :) 


  • prbably small groups permit to know really better each other,while in gian groups you don’t have this opportunity!!!

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