Spending full price on pants

paying full price on pants

After a long search for the perfect skinny black* work pants, I found the Sloan Fit Ankle pants a few years ago on sale. They are comfortable, professional, slimming, and I wear them at least once a week. One day I noticed a rip, after probably two years of use, so I went online and ordered another pair at full price. I hate spending a lot of money on clothes, but sometimes when you find something you love (and are in desperate need of a replacement), it’s okay to pay full price.

Have you ever found something that’s worth paying full price to replace it?

*The black and navy are my favorite in this style. I’ve tried on the khaki and they are not as forgiving as the darker pants. 

PS – Shoes are black flats from Target a long time ago, same in this post


  • Well usually I tend to find low cost version or on sale, but on shoes I prefer spend a little bit more, same thing with coat for winter. When you spend a little bit more on a determinated item means that you’re paying QUALITY of it, -i still remember that €10 boots that broke after a coule of weeks:/

  • I agree with your logic. Within a wardrobe there are staples and black and navy quality pants are one of them! They hold their shape, better quality and just look better!

  • A word of advice — dry clean them, or lay them out to dry! I had a friend who dried them in her dryer and they shrunk considerably. :)

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