Using airplane mode

using airplane mode

You know that little setting you use when you’re in an airplane? Turns out it can be used on land, and it’s awesome.

As we all know, smartphones with a 100gb sim plan in Australia are helpful. Instant connection and communication and information. AMAZING. But as we also know, that all-the-time connection can be exhausting and draining and addicting. NOT AMAZING. I am 10 times more distracted at work when my iPhone is next to me. And I’m 10 times more distracted by messages and notifications and apps when I’m on my phone. It has great and useful purposes, but can also be a major time-suck.

So whenever I need a break from my phone or want some uninterrupted time, I put it on airplane mode. (It’s usually when I’m with J because if there’s a real emergency my family and friends have his number.)

I put my phone in airplane mode whenever I’m doing something intentional that I want to give my full-time focus on. Like going on a hike, a date, dinner party, or on a weekend getaway. I use airplane mode instead of just leaving my phone at home or on silent because it doubles as a camera, and if I want to take a picture I don’t have to be interrupted or distracted with notifications or messages.

And the thing is, every time I switch back to cellular mode, I never miss much. I respond back to not-that-important text messages, post a picture or two, and then get back to real life. It’s refreshing, and I advise it to anyone who may need a little break from their phone!

Do you have any tricks for drowning out the iPhone noise? Have you ever used the airplane mode to step away from the distractions?


PS – Shoes (and skirt) I wore on this day, but I am wearing a different top. :)

  • I have used the airplaine mode at work sometimes and yes it does help just to concentrate on work and other things I need to finish. I get distracted so much by my phone that I also store it away inside my purse or leave it in my car sometimes.

  • For similar reasons I always have my phone on silent. It drives my husband NUTS. I started to feel really stressed by the text alerts etc and they kept waking my baby up just as I’d got him to sleep. It vibrates still so I usually know when a text has come in or if someone is ringing. It seems less stressful that way and if I don’t hear it is generally because I am doing something more important like driving!

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